Breathwork - Teaches Proper Breath, Fundamental for all Spiritual Work

This is our most fundamental course. Place your hands on your belly and breathe. If your stomach doesn't rise and fall as your breathe, you need this class. Without it, you will be cut off from Source and it will be harder for you to successfully complete the other work we have to offer. This is an AUDIO only class!

How to Meditate - Even for Those who tried it Before and Couldn't do it!

This course describes the difference between Meditation and Connecting with Source, tells you why Meditation is fundamentally important and gives you step by step instruction How to Meditate, even those of you who have tried it before and found it impossible.

Connect With Source Energy - What It Is, Why We want the Connection and How to Connect

This class contains a discussion: what is Source Energy and why is it important for us to connect to it along with a Meditation: that will guide you to Connect With Source. This is an AUDIO only class!

Chakra Process - Uncover and release old emotions, energies and belief constructs

Part 1 of this class will take you through a chakra process to uncover work you have to do. Part 2 will tell you how to process the information you uncovered in Part 1. As you uncover old emotions or beliefs or traumas you need to process and release, you move closer to your authentic self. You also increase your awareness and level of consciousness so your can better navigate life. This is an AUDIO only class!

Shadow Work - How to Befriend those Repressed Aspects of our Self

This class provides you with a discussion: what is Shadow and how do we recognize our own Shadow Aspects along with a meditation that takes you through a practice to process and integrate Shadow so it doesn't work against us. This is an AUDIO only class!

Exposing the Compulsive Ego - How to Recognize it and What to Do About it

This course covers how to recognize our false self and Compulsive Ego and provides practices to remove this dysfunctional part of our Ego from a command position and in doing so, help to uncover our Authentic Self. This is an AUDIO only class!

Soul Work - Lesson 1: Soul Work from a Higher Level of Consciousness

This is a guided practice through which you can work on your life and soul from a higher level of consciousness, based on the adage As Above, So Below, when we work on a Higher Level of Consciousness (As Above) that work then trickles down creating transformational shifts in our every day life (So Below). This is an AUDIO only class!

Soul Work - Lesson 2: How the Mind can get in the way of our Soul Work and What to do About it

Part 1 of this class describes how the mind can get in the way of our doing our work, how it can cut us off from Source Energy and bury our Authentic Self.. Part 2 provides a step-by-step process that teaches how to process and release old emotions or wounds that arise so you can recover your authentic self and establish a deeper, more profound relationship with Source Energy.